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3D Cone Beam

Doctor examining patient with cone beamOur offices at Peak Endodontics are proud to offer 3D cone beam technology to our patients. The image scans are a huge asset for your dental health. Now our professionals can accurately see your jaw, teeth, and mouth with incredible clarity. This latest development in x-ray technology provides patients with a much better experience than traditional x-rays. It also yields far more accurate results for our team.

What is a 3D Cone Beam?

3D dental imaging which is also known as Cone Beam Computed Tomography allows our team a more complete view of a patient’s mouth. With incredible, high resolution images, the anatomy of the oral cavity is much clearer than traditional dental x-rays. This helps our dentists provide better assessments, allowing them to catch potential problems early and offer treatment options.
The focused beam of 3D imaging reduces scatter radiation, which in turn, means patients are exposed to far less radiation. With the vivid 3D cone beam imagery, our dentists will be able to see the teeth, underlying bone structure, and all hard and soft tissues of the mouth better than before.

Our team uses 3D cone beam technology because it is easier to diagnose problems and provide accurate treatment protocols. We can provide the best treatment options catching small issues before they worsen, requiring potentially expensive procedures, including tooth extraction. Also, this technology includes an option for our team to accurately plan dental implant surgery, which makes the surgery more predictable and precise. Not only does this technology make our job easier, it also makes your office visit more efficient.

How 3D Cone Beam Benefits Our Patients

In the past, our dentists had to rely on traditional dental x-rays which offered grainy images of our patient’s mouths. They did the job, but they were cumbersome and required our patients to hold the film pinched between their teeth which caused a gag reflex in many cases. These 3D scans are more comfortable because it is digital technology and does not use film, so our patients are not required to hold the film pinched between their teeth for any length of time.

The 3D cone beam provides a more relaxed treatment process with a noninvasive approach when compared to other options. Our patients can also benefit from the clear images because it helps our professionals diagnose any dental conditions more efficiently.

There are many ways our dentists can use the 3D scans including the best placement for dental implants, correct tooth orientation and damaged bone structure, to diagnose TMJ, and to extract impacted teeth. They can also be used to evaluate the nasal cavity, jaw, and other features of the face.

Our dentists are happy to provide 3D cone beam imaging to our patients in place of traditional dental x-rays. At Peak Endodontics, we find this technology is far superior when we decide an x-ray is necessary for your dental exam. If you would like to learn more about 3D cone beam technology and the other services we offer, please contact us at 425-358-9033.
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